VAT4Net = Visualization and Animation Tool for Network Simulations

VAT4Net is a JAVA based project with the idea to visualize and animate network scenarios after simulation. VAT4Net is deployed as an applet or standalone application.

Currently VAT4Net is supporting NS-2 (http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/) generated NAM Format trace files. Wider support for other trace file formats is planned for future work.

The animated representation of the network should help on analysing the simulation run. Having a graphical view on the scenario could help to discover several problematic areas in the network. The animation should give a good overview.


On the other hand the visualisation possibilities prepare a more closer look on the simulation. Different statistical plugins for main network-specific measurement are (and planned to be) available.

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VAT4Net - Copyright (C) 2005 University of Berne http://www.unibe.ch - GNU General Public License